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Mirror Defogger
Mirror Defogger
Mirror Defogger
Mirror Defogger
Buying Guide
Instructions for correct installation
Buying Guide
Mirror Defogger

Before deciding which product to buy, the following points should be taken into consideration:

• A panel with only slightly smaller dimensions than those of the mirror will stop the mirror from steaming up all over.

• A panel with much smaller dimensions than those of the mirror will create a clear square but the rest of the mirror will be steamed up.

• In order to be able to fix the mirror to the wall there must be a space of at least 75 mm between the edge of the panel and the edge of the mirror.

dependent connection:
- in parallel with the mirror light (recommended);
- in parallel with the extractor fan;

independent connection (economy drive):
- we recommend using a switch with an LED indicator;
- we do not recommend the use of a timer switch.

Technical Details  
What is Mirror Defogger?
Mirror Defogger is an adhesive panel, which can be affixed to the back of a bathroom mirror to stop it from steaming up.
Is it difficult to install Mirror Defogger?
No, it is very easy to install. All you have to do is affix Mirror Defogger to the back of the bathroom mirror, connect it to a junction box and mount the mirror. For further information, click here.
Do I have to connect Mirror Defogger to the mains?
Yes. Mirror Defogger only works if it is connected to the mains. For further information, click here.
What kind of maintenance does it need?
Mirror Defogger does not need any kind of maintenance. What is more, by stopping it from steaming up, your mirror will always be sparklingly clear.
Is Mirror Defogger safe?
Yes. Mirror Defogger is a product with class II insulation. When installing, it must not be connected to earth.
How does it work?
When Mirror Defogger is switched on, the electrical current flows through the resistive compound in the product and produces heat by the Joule effect (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joule_heating). This heat, which is transferred to the mirror, raises its temperature (by about 13 °C), which stops it from steaming up. It works in much the same way as the heated rear window of a car.
Does the mirror always stay warm?
It depends on the type of connection. To avoid wasting energy, we recommend connecting the panel in parallel with the switch for the light above the mirror so that Mirror Defogger is only on when it is really needed.
Is Mirror Defogger visible once it has been installed?
Not at all. Mirror Defogger is affixed to the back of the bathroom mirror and is therefore completely hidden from view.
How long does it take the mirror to reach the necessary temperature?
About 10 minutes.
Does Mirror Defogger change the temperature of the surrounding room?
No. Mirror Defogger is not designed to change the temperature of the surrounding room.
Does it consume a lot of energy?
No, Mirror Defogger consumes 200 W/m². For example the 5252S2 model, which has a surface area of about 1/4 m², consumes about 50 W.
Is mirror Defogger available in different shapes?
Click here for technical details and the dimensions of the various models.
How long is the electrical cable?
The electrical cable is about 1000 mm. long
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